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Wedding Exit and Send-Off Ideas for Photography

No matter how many weddings I photograph, there is always one thing that never changes. At some point the wedding day comes to an end. Many couples find the wedding send-off and exit a great way to say farewell to their friends and family.

A wedding send-off with bubbles is a great idea for several reasons. The non-toxic solution does not stain or damage clothing and there is no mess to clean up afterward.

Guests of all ages can participate. Children especially love bubbles and the reflections and lighting effects caused in the glistening spheres will make for some wonderful photos.

A wedding exit with sparklers is perfect if you’re looking for a dramatic and impressive ending to your wedding. Wedding sparklers come in a variety of different colors and lengths. For the best results I suggest to buy sets that burn slowly and are at least 20″ in length.

Be sure that the bride and groom are ready before lighting as it will take some time from the first person to the last to light their sparklers. Also avoid cheap bamboo sparklers which drop ash when lit and can ruin clothing. Wire sparklers are usually best. If you are also concerned about a lot of smoke be careful not to buy “Morning Glory” sparklers.

Most modern couples don’t use rice anymore but instead use birdseed. This is because birds will swoop down and mistakenly eat the rice thinking that it’s food. It is a common rumor that the rice will expand in their “stomachs” and that they will be harmed or even explode!

As you can see in these humorous wedding exit photos, I might more inclined that the groom might be injured in the process.

Throwing rice at the end of a wedding ceremony or reception used to be an important part of weddings. It was a traditional ritual which symbolized fertility of the couple and the probability of having many children.

Streamers are also a great way to send off a bride and groom at the end of a wedding. Consider colors that match the colors used in your wedding or utilize your favorite sports team colors for fun.

Transportation in the form of a getaway car can also open the door to some fun and spontaneous wedding photographs. I suggest choosing a vehicle that fits in with the style of your wedding.

Whether it’s an elegant Rolls Royce, a stylish stretch limo or sporty convertible you’ll have a blast as friends and family see you off.