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Tips For Walking Down The Aisle at the Wedding Ceremony

One of my favorite wedding moments is the bridal party processional in which all eyes are on the bride walking down the aisle. As the bride, you’re going to have hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind. It can tend to be a little overwhelming as you think “I can’t believe how lucky I am right now!” “My fiance looks amazing!” and of course “Don’t trip… don’t trip… don’t trip.”

As a professional wedding photographer, one of my guiding principles is to always help you look your best. But, giving any sort of direction is next to impossible during this time. There have been several occasions when I’ve wanted to mouth the words “could you…?” In lieu of that, I thought I’d pull together a list of friendly reminders that will help you and your entourage arrive in style.

First and foremost, simply look at those around you. For many brides, it may feel as if you and your husband-to-be are the only two people in the room.

Take the time to look at him of course, but instead of focusing on a fixed point, take a moment to look at your father as well. Steal a quick glance at those that you haven’t seen in ages or may have flown hundred of miles to be with you. This will help you relax and will allow for genuine expressions to cross your face.

Secondly, walk as you normally would but at a much slower pace. Your wedding planner (or the church lady) will probably remind you, but it really is important in capturing better processional photographs. It will help in low light situation where flash is usually prohibited and will allow me to capture reactions of both the bride and groom.

As you walk keep your shoulders back and hold your bouquet lower than you think. I always tell brides to try create a diamond shape with their arms. Celebrities walking the red carpet don’t slouch or stare off into space. And neither should you.

My last suggestion is to share these tips with your bridal party especially if your bridesmaids are walking in solo. Groomsmen and ushers can usually get away with looking stoic and confident, but my experience has been that many women tend to look bored or uninterested if they don’t smile or look around.

Now… I’m not asking you to recreate the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” but if you relax, take your time and let your emotion show you’ll walk away with candid and natural looking photographs.