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Star Gazing Boston Engagement Photography (LaToya + Aaron)

If I’m being totally honest, I really enjoyed how this Boston engagement photography turned out. There were a lot of variables to contend with, and I have to contribute our ultimate success to LaToya and Aaron. They have the kind of love for each other that just seems to saturate the air around you. It’s palpable and infectious. While we explored an Arboretum for the first half of the session, our final destination was a (yet to be determined) field where they would gaze at the stars and cuddle. Their excitement throughout the entire process really opened the door for some unique and creative pictures.

We originally hatched this plan when Aaron called me and mentioned that he and his fiance were looking for a wedding photographer. To make a long story short we actually ended talking for quite awhile in a way that I can only describe as a “photographer/bro crush.” Haha! Everything seemed like the perfect fit and when he shared with me their engagement story my mind went into high gear. We also managed to work in some ice cream into the shoot and capped the night off with an authentic experience at a planetarium.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave out any details so here’s the full story as written by the couple.

“We met on September 30th 2006 and consider this the day that our relationship started, because by the end of October, we knew we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The engagement was 5 years later on October 23, 2011. We went to Miami for Aaron’s birthday weekend, after he finished coaching his high school game in Tampa. The next morning we watched the Miami Hurricanes (his team) beat Georgia Tech and then relaxed in our hotel. We intended on going to a nice dinner, but after ordering more food than anticipated at the game we decided to leave for ice cream. That night we walked the streets of South Beach and laughed about how different things were since we had each separately been to the area for spring break as undergraduate students. Around midnight or so, we eventually got our ice cream and made our way down to the beach. We took off our shoes, sat by the shoreline, and discussed random topics, including our relationship. We then tried to find different constellations in the sky (because we’re nerds) and about 10 minutes later we started walking back when Aaron stopped suddenly and pulled LaToya close. His heart was beating fast, and with LaToya (as a worker in the medical field) got really concerned and asked what was wrong. He said that he was tired from walking in the sand, dropped down to the sand, pulled out a ring from his shoe and said, “Marry me”. LaToya repeated “Shut up! Are you serious?” several times before finally saying “yes!” Apparently when she looked down her left hand a ‘star’ had landed on it. Besides seeing the sparkle under the moonlight, several people mentioned how a shooting star had just been spotted right after Aaron asked for her hand in marriage (True Story!)*. The night was plain, it was simple, and it was “us” and we loved every second of it. *It was actually a meteor, not a shooting star – Google it if you don’t believe us! :)”

I hope everyone enjoys this set of photos as much as we did creating them!