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A Real Pinterest Inspired Wedding – Totally “Pinspired”

There’s no doubt Pinterest has revolutionized wedding planning through their shared community inspiration boards. It can certainly be addictive and I’ll admit I’ve often enjoyed browsing others pins. Though, nothing had prepared me for a recent project I’ve just completed. Hooray!

It all started as an innocent chat. I was meeting with an engaged couple about my wedding photography and the topic of “Pinterest” came up. In my attempt to be witty, I chirped in “How awesome would it be if you could “pin” your spouse in real life. Imagine inspiration boards filled with potential soulmates just waiting for your click of approval!” Ahhhh… if only it were that easy… right?

After a few laughs I couldn’t help but visualize what that might actually look like. My first thought was of a bride “pinning” the groom on her wedding day with a giant red “P.” I ultimately applied the concept to several items brides pin to their inspiration boards.

As an artist, I thrive on unique ideas and even though I may have gotten a little carried away with this one, I enjoyed the challenge. The couple’s excitement and willingness to participate fueled my desire to take it as far as I could. I guess you could say I was totally “Pinspired!”

I hope everyone enjoys the photographs and I definitely appreciate any comments or feedback. Those interested can also check out the rest of their wedding photos here. I’ve added some additional captions for anyone interested in knowing how everything was created. It’s been a true labor of love and I’m ecstatic to finally share it!

A Pinterest inspiration board in the real world with the couples’ Save The Date postcard, invitation, and ceremony program pinned to the cork.

Custom wire hangars with scripted words are very popular now!

Here’s a fun idea for the “something blue” option for brides. The bridesmaids write expressions of love and well wishes on the bottom of her wedding shoes. I tied a custom circular logo to the heels with twine.

Be sure to keep your smart phone handy for last minute mobile inspiration!

Here’s a photo of the bride’s Pinterest wedding planning board.

The bride gave monogrammed shirts to each of her bridesmaids as gifts.

Let’s face it! Pinning can sometimes be exhausting. This was one of my favorite ideas. I created a custom t-shirt with the phrase “All Pinned Out!” on the front.

Don’t forget the jewelry…

…or the makeup inspiration.

Sometimes you can use the buddy system if you get too tired from pinning all of this stuff. Could you ask a friend to help? The pin on her shirt reads “I Pin For Her!” and I used masking tape to hold it on so that we wouldn’t damage the dress.

Or maybe the mother of the bride could assist!

Even the guys can get in on the act. I’ve seen SO many boutonnieres “pinned” during my time as a wedding photographer that this seemed to be a no-brainer idea. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though.

And speaking of flowers, let’s not forget about the bouquet too!

After getting pretty deep into this project, I started thinking of how different it must have been to plan a wedding before Pinterest and especially prior to the internet! The grandmother’s of the bride had a wonderful sense of humor in posing for these photos.

I scoured the internet and even purchased some vintage wedding magazines through eBay in a hunt for authentic retro ads that I could clip. One of my favorites was a classified that showcased a “genuine diamond ring” for $4.95! And how would you like a Wurlitzer at your wedding instead of a wedding DJ or band?

I couldn’t resist creating this tweed canvas bag boasting the phrase “Back in my day we PLANNED weddings with our bare hands!”

Now that you’ve seen many of the details, let’s check out the photos taken after the ceremony. Here’s the execution of the concept that started it all! This is how the actual cutout turned out. It’s a bit smaller than I imagined but I didn’t want to make it SO big that they couldn’t hold it.

Even men “pin” when it really matters!

Here’s a few in which the bridal party got involved. All the girls are excited for their friend…

…and all the guys are disappointed that they didn’t get “pinned.” And who can blame them? Isn’t this a gorgeous bride?!?

I’ve seen these wedding date banners on a lot of Pinterest boards as well. I love the purple color scheme.

This was the second most challenging item to execute. (See below for the most difficult one.) Trying to freehand a Pinterest logo on a chalkboard seemed to be almost impossible and required several attempts. I kept thinking “did you really have to create this entire thing out of inconsistent curves?!? What’s wrong with a simple square one that I can use a ruler on?!?” Just in case you’re wondering I punched up the saturation afterwards since red chalk trends a bit toward pink.

To get the logo to stay I taped a toothpick to the back of the cutout. Throughout the wedding I was very careful and mindful that none of these ideas interrupted my normal coverage of the day. In this case I waited until after the cake was cut to set up the photograph.

Time to dance! The DJ brought black and red “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones. The letter “b” logo on the side looked a bit like an upside down “p” to me, so they couldn’t have been a better fit!

This was just a nice supplemental photo. Pinterest seems to add the letter “P” to words to create new words like “Pinteresting” and I thought this would be a fun fit with their brand.

Adding custom wedding signs to the back of the chairs at the couples’ sweetheart table is a nice trend happening now at wedding receptions

And I guess you could say that this shot was the “PINnacle” of my hard work. I can’t begin to describe how difficult it was to arrange these 615 red and white push pins on this cork board. My “Aha! Moment” was when I decided to pin a print out of the logo to the board as a reference. I then tour the paper away as I completed different sections. Even with that in place, I still had a hard time with the transitions from 3 pins to 2 and back again. It was a true triumph upon completion though!

I hope everyone has enjoyed these. There were a few times that I asked my wife “Am I being crazy here or just passionate about this idea?” Her response would vary depending on the day. Ha ha!

I’d love to hear your feedback and encourage others to share this link. I’ve spent a lot of time on these images and kindly ask you to PLEASE…

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A big shout out to the wedding team too!
Venue & Catering: The Cardinal Club
Florist: Lyn Graves of Fresh Affairs
Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes
DJ: Jerry Thompson of Joe Bunn DJ Company
Hair & Makeup: Make Up For Your Day
Gown: Alexia’s Bridal
Save The Dates, Invitations & Programs: Cute Buttons & The Green Kangaroo