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Planning Our Wedding on a Short Timeline


When we were planning our wedding, the whole process was very overwhelming due to our short timeline. Our future sister-in-law recommended her photographer (Craig) who would be shooting her wedding that next year. Not only was his photography beautiful, but after we met him we realized that he was also someone who was down to earth and easy to work with. We consider it a stroke of luck that he was available to shoot our wedding, and couldn’t have been happier with the way our photographs turned out!

To be honest we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to see in our wedding photography other than the “basic shots”, but Craig not only captured those wonderfully, but went above and beyond to document all of the other special moments from the day! Now that the day is over we love reliving out memories of all of the moments that we knew he was taking as well as the “behind the scenes” photographs that we weren’t able to experience first hand. All of our guests enjoyed the way he interacted with them. He was involved and excited but never overbearing. That meant a lot to us since our family and friends are so close to each other.

We didn’t truly understand the importance of wedding photography before meeting Craig, and now, we are forever grateful that he was an integral part of our special day. We’ve even had the pleasure of interacting with him at two other weddings since our own, and each collection has proven to be beautiful and unique!

Craig, thank you so much for everything, you’re wonderful! Looking forward to our next wedding “date!” ;-)

Ayanna & Adib