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Pittsboro Engagement Photos at Carolina Brewery and Fearrington (Robin + Jeremy)

When I arrived at Robin and Jeremy’s house in preparation for engagement photos, they had the techno blasting and were noshing on Annie’s Bunny Grahams. It was at that point that I knew that I was in for a FUN session. Based on their interests I had suggested downtown Pittsboro with side stops at Carolina Brewery Brewpub Restaurant and Fearrington Village. They loved the idea and were up for anything! Could you imagine a more appropriate plan for an adventurous couple that literally swooned when I arranged to have a sampler flight of beers brought out?

I think Jeremy and Robin are my first couple that have “software developer” as their occupation. Robin grew up in upstate New York, went to college at William and Mary in Virginia, and moved to Raleigh to work at IBM. Jeremy grew up in Hope Mills, NC, went to college at ECU, and is a software developer at Bronto. Robin has become an honorary pirate and enjoys cheering on ECU with Jeremy. She is also heavily involved with a wonderful organization known as Models For Charity.

As I got to know them, I enjoyed hearing their perspective on what makes their relationship “work.” They’re self proclaimed to be silly, dorky, and downright ridiculous. They love sharing adventures together, and told me “even if our trips are completely lame they’re still amazing because we’re together. Whether we’re taking a random long walk down a new road, or checking the beverage case at a new gas station for one of the specialty Diet Mountain Dew flavors, we’re having fun and loving being with each other. We feel blessed to both have amazing families we enjoy spending time with. Road trips, travel, bike rides, beers, new restaurants, we are generally up for anything together!”

I also really enjoyed reading their engagement story that Jeremy shared with me below. I love it when a groom takes some initiative and are genuinely excited to be involved in the engagement and wedding process.

“We were engaged in NYC. At one point we had talked about getting engaged in the spring, so while we were visiting her parents, Robin requested that I talk to her dad to ask his permission. At one point I was able to sneak away to ask him, but she didn’t know. So on the way to NYC she was giving me a hard time for NOT asking him. Meanwhile I have been feeling my pocket every 20 minutes for the last 5 days to make sure that the ring was still in it. When we get to NYC, I had no idea where (and how) I was going to propose. As we get to the hotel I figure it out. It is super nice and the room was amazing. It had floor to ceiling windows and was perfect. So perfect in fact that after the bellhop left, she said ‘baby… too bad you didn’t talk to my dad ’cause this would be perfect!’ So we head to dinner and when we get back we are drinking in the bar at the hotel. It essentially had the same view as our room so we decide to to go there and drink wine and it just be us. I knew this was my opportunity. When we get there I am pretty nervous and waiting for the right moment. She couldn’t get the radio to work with her iPhone, so while she is sitting next to it I kneel down to adjust it and she says ‘baby you are going to need to get on one knee if you are going to ask me to marry you.’ After I get this adjusted, I head over to get some wine and when I bend over to get it out she says ‘baby are you getting my ring?’ I was thinking OMG does she know!?! She had NO idea though. So I have to wait a bit for that to pass before I can finally ask. So I have to adjust the radio after a bit cause I thought in my mind that I wasn’t going to get engaged to the current song playing. As I change it, I make sure that I am on one knee this time and after I change it, I kiss her and when I pull away we both look down in her lap where I’m holding the ring. Her response was, ‘Holy s#*t! are you serious?!?'”

She eventually said “YES” of course and as they say… the rest is history! I’m looking forward to celebrating their wedding with them this September and am quite convinced that it will be absolutely EPIC!