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These Photos and a Dirty Wedding Dress Are All I Have Left


Although no one knew it but me, I had chosen Craig as our photographer the moment we booked Barclay Villa as our venue. In my quest to find out as much as possible about our venue, I found that the most amazing pictures of Barclay were from Luster Studios. As I stalked Craig’s work for many hours I decided that I had to have him as our photographer. His pictures were so different (in the most positive and creative way) than any other photographer I had looked at. Everyone else just seemed boring! Thankfully Craig was just as amazing to work with as his pictures! If I had any concerns, he quickly put them at ease. The rest is history and I’m so happy we got to have him for both our engagement pictures and the wedding!
As fate would have it, the day of the wedding was, of course, pouring down rain. Even though I was inwardly miffed that this was happening on “my” day, it really was a blessing in disguise, and Craig knew it! Thank God that he has the talent to know how to work with all the amazing light that the evening’s weather brought as he captured some incredible photographs from it. There was one picture that Craig showed my husband and I on his camera, indicating that that picture would be “IT.” And it was! The morning after the wedding I got a notification that Luster Studios had tagged a picture of me on Facebook and I can’t tell you how quickly I logged in to look at that photograph! People we don’t even know were just raving about it. I think I will be devastated the day Craig takes that picture off of his Facebook banner. :)

I’ve NEVER ever had pictures of myself that I’m absolutely in love with like I am with our engagement and wedding pictures – and it’s great to flaunt them all around our house. Friends and family that couldn’t attend the wedding (but have seen our photos) always say that the wedding looked stunning and like a fairy tale, but I ALWAYS tell them, “It was a great day, but really, I had a fantastic photographer!”
One last thing that I wanted to mention, is that I’m not the type of person that would consider spending a lot of money on any one thing – especially for one day. What I thought professional wedding photos would cost was definitely different than what it turned out to be, but I would honestly do it again without hesitation. These photos and my dirty dress are all I have left of the day, and they bring my family joy every time we walk by them!  I guess what I’m trying to say is that if there is any one area where you should splurge during your wedding, make it your photographer, trust me! I intend to recommend Craig of Luster Studios to every person I come across looking for a wedding photographer, because I know he’ll deliver beyond their expectations!!!

Amy and Dwayne