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The Neon Boneyard / Las Vegas, Nevada Engagement (Lyndsey + Hugh)

I haven’t had a chance to post anything about this yet but a few weeks ago I had an amazing trip to Las Vegas Nevada to photograph a few different weddings and couples. I bet you can’t wait to see my Elvis wedding pics can you! It was my first time there and one of the couples I was booked to photograph was Lyndsey and Hugh. We visited one of the coolest spots for their engagement session known as the Neon Boneyard. It is not open to the public at the moment but Erin (the curator) shared with us that that may be changing soon. It was exciting to know that we were going to be one of the last shoots to take place before the area dramatically changed. I love it when that happens!

It was a photo shoot unlike many others in other ways as well. We only had about 45 minutes total to shoot by the time we got set up and rolling. I was in normal form… rolling around on the ground to get the shots I wanted when Erin warned me to watch out for fire ants. Sure enough there were some hills right next to me that I had almost planted myself on. Not only did we have to avoid the ants but the was also broken glass and rusty “hope you have your tetanus shot” metals everywhere. We were also told not to touch any of the lightbulbs. Jessica Alba ignored this warning when she was photographing there and had one blow up in her hand.

As you can probably guess we had a lot of fun and Lyndsey and Hugh were really great at moving quickly from one spot to the next. I wish we could have spent a longer amount of time there but here’s what we got… Congratulations to both of you!


I wanted to something a little unique so I photographed them through the belly of one of the neon signs. I thought it turned out pretty nice…


Classy or sassy… this girl is trouble with a capital “T!”


Hugh makes a good stand in for the letter “N” don’t you think? I also had Lyndsey mimmick the “R” with her arm… If you look closely the letters spell out “Boneyard.”


This might have been one of my favs… They look so great here. Purple works well for you guys!


I tried to keep an eye out for the letter “A” for their save the date cards. Their last name is going to be “Allen” My middle name is actually Allen too!


Notice anything interesting in the lower left corner?


I really liked this last one…