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The Mother Son Dance at Wedding Receptions

As Mother’s Day approaches I was inspired to share a few thoughts on the mother son dance at wedding receptions. While weddings can often revolve around the bride and those close to her, I also enjoy seeking out those genuinely special moments shared between the groom and his mother throughout the day.

The mother son dance is a wonderful way to shine a spotlight on this lifelong relationship. It can either be fun and lighthearted or a purposefully tender moment that brings family and guests to tears. I’ve seen everything from groom serenades to funky choreographed dance grooves by mom! The song chosen will surely set the tone, but anything is possible. For my own wedding I let my mom choose the song.

Our mothers are the steadfast rocks in our lives. On a personal note, I feel very fortunate that my mom has always been there for me. Her love is unconditional, her care is protective and her constant selfless acts over my lifetime have shaped me into the man I am today.

I believe that therein lies the sentiment that most moms want to remember from their son’s wedding day. As they hold onto memories of skinned knees (and in my case… tracking mud through the house every chance I had) they can look to the future with pride and happiness. With anticipation of the new things their son will accomplish they can’t help but smile… knowing that he’s found the perfect counterpart that will be there to love and support him even when she can’t.

I hope everyone enjoys some of my favorite mother son wedding dance photos that I’ve taken over the years. For all that our moms do in our lives, I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate them on a very special day.

This last one’s for you mom! I love you.