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Michele Mottola | Boston Wedding Planners and Event Consulting

In my experience, wedding and event planning is similar to event photography in a way that the final results can sometimes appear deceptively simple. On the surface both are pleasing to the eye and can evoke deep emotional responses, but at their core it’s often difficult to see the labor of love. Michele Mottola is one of Boston’s hardest working wedding and special events planners with a “quality over quantity” philosophy. From a professional standpoint, I would wholeheartedly recommend Michele for your next upcoming event because she embodies what I would consider to be the trifecta of what I appreciate in great consultants.

Firstly, her experience level is nearly unsurpassed. For two decades her previous catering positions at Ritz Carlton Hotel and Fairmont Copley have contributed to her deep and diverse understanding of what successful events look and feel like.

Secondly, she brings the perfect mix of passion and forethought to every client. Corporate events (and especially weddings) can often be a roller coaster of emotions and it’s always great to have an unbiased individual on your side to help you through the difficult stretches.

And lastly, Michele is energetic and detail oriented. Enthusiasm and personality can go a long way, but if it isn’t supported by careful planning and decisive decision making, it all falls apart. I guess in some way special event planning can seem like throwing a bunch of leaves up in the air and knowing which ones to grab. Trust me… Michele is awesome at this and I look forward to working with her! Not only is she a pleasure to be around but she seems to be the type of person that inspires you to do your best. And don’t we all need a bit of that from time to time?