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The First Kiss on Your Wedding Day | Tips Ideas + Styles

You’ve just been pronounced husband and wife and are about to deliver your first kiss! Don’t fret… This is probably one of those details that’s best left improvised. BUT, if you’re the type of couple that is paying attention to these sorts of things OR if you simply want to see several styles of execution then this is the article for you.

I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings to date and unless there is a specific tradition in it’s place the kiss always remains. The bouquet tosses come and go but I think that the first kiss is steadfast tradition that will be around forever. With one kiss for every wedding it suffices to say that I have a huge archive of these special moments.

I really didn’t think much about all of those “primary matrimony lip locks” until I was flipping channels the other night. I stumbled upon this really great scene in the movie “The Wedding Singer.” It’s the moment where Julia kisses Robbie for the first time in an effort to show the proper way to deliver a first kiss that sizzles but is also appropriate for church. It caused me watch the movie all over again complete with the comedic use of the phrase “church tongue.”

Since I’m really in no position to show anyone how to kiss their spouse, I thought it would be fun to share part of my collection with everyone. On top of that I’ll try to share a few “tips” that might be helpful to think about.

– Make eye contact with each other until you kiss and close your eyes

– Don’t tilt your head TOO much in an effort to avoid bumping noses

– Keep your mouth closed for the most part – a partial smile is always nice

– Hold it for a few seconds so that I can get a variety of photos from full body to close up

– Pull apart slowly afterwards and feel free to show some emotion throughout

– There’s nothing wrong with going in for short second one if you enjoyed it!

Last but not least (depending on the formality of the event) let yourself smile, cheer or do whatever feels natural afterwards. It’s an exciting moment after all! And if you find yourself overly concerned about this topic then my best advice is to… Practice practice practice! :{}

STYLE #1: holding hands (or no hand contact) while leaning in for a soft kiss

STYLE #2: partial embrace with hands resting on waist

STYLE #3: partial embrace variation usually with husbands arms around wife’s waist and a slight dip

STYLE #4: full embrace or “hug” with arms behind back

STYLE #5: the “I don’t care whose watching” option with an emotional face grab

STYLE #6: I saved the best for last. This is my favorite first kiss photo in which Audrey aggressively kisses Daniel in front of her father/ He had initially walked her down the aisle and then took on the roll as officiant. I absolutely love it! It’s the “kiss 2 feet in front of your blushing preacher dad” option.