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The First Wedding Dance: The Start of Something Beautiful

Most couples intend to dance the traditional first dance, but most of them also know nothing at all about dancing! So as the big day approaches their sense of panic increases. Avoid anxiety by following a few easy tips.

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– It may sound obvious but make sure to look eachother in the eyes from time to time.
– Keep it short and sweet. You could even invite friends and family to join half wa through the song if you like.
– Guys… If you are going to dip your bride, make sure to keep your back straight and don’t bend over her. Lower her with your arms. We know it’s tempting to bend into the dip to plant one on her, but wait until you bring her back up.
– Decide on a song version: Once you’ve picked a song, make sure your DJ or band knows how you want to hear it. For instance, don’t assume your band will play the song just like the Frank Sinatra CD you’ve been practicing to. It’s a good idea to give them a copy of the version you like, or to get a recording of their version, so that you are practicing to “the real deal.”