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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Was Easy For Me


In our search for a wedding photographer my friends kept telling me how difficult it was to pick the right person to document our special day, but now that I’m married I get to tell others how easy it was for me! We had emailed a few other photographers before meeting with Craig at Luster Studios, but he was our first appointment. After our consultation there was no doubt in our minds that we had found our perfect fit! We didn’t even bother meeting with anyone else. His examples from other weddings were so unique that we knew that he’d be able to capture all of the the moments we were looking forward to remembering for years to come.

Of course, on our wedding day my husband and I were nervous and anxious that everything would be pulled off without any problems. I must say that from the time Craig walked into my bridal suite, to the end of the night, I never once worried that my photographs weren’t being taken care of. I probably wasn’t the easiest bride to deal with (as I always manage to stress myself out over the little details) but I can honestly say that I was less anxious knowing I didn’t have to worry about what a great job he was doing.

If that wasn’t enough, Craig is also somehow able to capture a lot of different styles but still show a consistent story and look. He took beautiful portraits of my husband and I, captured fun moments of our entire bridal party on the Umstead lawn and ALSO caught my little cousin doing “the worm!” He really managed to put into pictures exactly how that day felt for us – wonderful!

When we saw our final set of photographs my friends and family were amazed. My mom actually cried (again) when she saw how beautiful they were. Our group portraits are in the foyer of our house, and NO ONE can resist stopping to awe over them when they first walk into our house! And Magnus (my husband) always manages to show off a photo Craig took of us changing our statuses to “married” on our iPhones in the church. He was so happy that he snapped a picture of that!

Since our wedding I’ve been sure to spread the word of Craig’s professionalism and skills to anyone who will listen. I’ve enjoyed seeing his recent work that he’s done at other weddings and every time I show someone our pictures, I make sure to tell them to recommend him to any bride-to-be that they know!

Amber & Magnus